The Munster Rugby jersey is one of the most recognisable and iconic designs in all of European club rugby, but their long-time kit supplier, Adidas, has never been one to stick with the conventional when it comes to the shirts they make. 

This season is no different. For the last Adidas has opted to keep things very minimal with Munster’s home jersey – eschewing the traditional blue secondary colour to go with a more simple red and white affair. But for 2017/18 they’ve stripped things down even more.


Interestingly, Adidas has seemingly taken a leaf out of Wales’ book and opted to blend their traditional scarlet with a deeper shade that’s very reminiscent of the ‘oxblood’ shade that Under Armour used on the 15/17 jerseys.

It’s a beautiful combination you have to say – the two shades work really well together, with the darker colour accenting the sleeves, collar and shoulder stripes.


Another big change for this year’s shirt is the colour of the badges and logos on the shirt has been changed from the traditional – swapping the traditional white for copper.

There is of course, a reason for this – the copper colour is a nod to the heritage of the Munster region, and the ancient copper mines that used to be found in the province.


The most striking part of the jersey, however, is the super-modern motif that adorns the bottom half of the design both front and back. Just like the away shirt we looked at last week, there’s a ‘tapestry’ motif that’s made up of stag antlers, of course a nod to the Munster crest.

We like the Munster away shirt we looked at previously, but this one really is something else entirely. We love the combination of the dark reds, the accenting of the copper, and the eye-catchingly modern pattern on the body. It’s a beautiful modern shirt, which is exactly what Adidas does so well.





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