For the 2017 international season, including the Pacific Nations Cup, Fiji have signed on with a brand new sponsor in ISC, who have given us two brand new shirts that the World Cup 2019 hopefuls will wear for the next 12 months. 

ISC has primarily been focused on rugby league over the last few years after some dalliances in rugby union a few years back – this is their first significant international license of recent times, however, and may well indicate that the Aussie brand is going to follow XBlades in hopping codes.


Both home and away shirts share the same basic design, with the home being the classic white with black trim, while the away is black with the sky blue of the Fijian flag on the collar, sleeve cuffs and jersey hem.

Continuing the good work that the beleaguered BLK did in the five years the had the Fiji brand, the jerseys feature striking tribal art sublimated into the jersey body. Again we get the tapa pattern running down the shoulders, but this time what appears to be a woven shield effect on the sleeve.

It’s always interesting to see what a new brand does when it makes the leap over to test rugby, and on the whole we feel ISC has done a solid job here – they’ve kept things familiar, but it feels suitably different at the same time, and is a good thematic start point for Fiji’s kits to evolve from over the coming years with ISC.




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