Ahead of August’s Women’s Rugby World Cup in Ireland, the Buildcorp Wallaroos have revealed a unique jersey that Australia’s women will wear for the tournament. 

The jerseys, which have been produced and designed by ASICS Australia, is noticeably different from the current men’s 15-a-side home shirt, which debuted last month.

The Wallaroos jersey is of course gold and green, but in a move that echoes the Wallabies 2017 design, there’s not a hint of white involved – ASICS opting for a the simplicity of the two-colour design.


Like the men’s jersey, it has the Southern Cross motif on the shoulder, and some green pinstriped piping across the shoulders, but that’s where the similarities end.

The sleeves have thick green cuffs, there’s a more subtle round-necked collar, and of course the Wallaroos badge has been shifted onto the sleeve to incorporate the RWC 2017 logo.

Closer inspection to the jersey sees and interesting herringbone pattern sublimated into the body of the shirt, which breaks into an interesting cracked ground motif around the bottom – no doubt a clever little nod to Australia’s vast deserts.

It’s always great to see a women’s team given their own jersey – it adds to their distinctness and of course, gives us the opportunity to feature them on RSW! We hope it’s something we see more and more of as the women’s game continues to grow.



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