NEWS: Ospreys sign with Lovell Rugby for 2017/18


The Ospreys have continued their summer of sponsorship change by announcing a long-term deal with online retailer Lovell Rugby to become the region’s new title partner. 

The deal, which will see Lovell Rugby replace outgoing sponsor BT Sport on the front of Ospreys jerseys and training gear from the start of the 2017/18 season, follows on from the announcement last month that Wales’ most successful region will wear Canterbury gear for the next four seasons.

In addition to being on the front of the Ospreys’ shirts next year, the deal also promises an improved retail offering for fans, as well as some ‘innovative projects’ between the Swansea-based region and the world’s biggest rugby retailer.

However, the deal makes no mention of Lovell Rugby being the exclusive retailer for the Ospreys, as Connacht and Munster have done with Life Style Sports in recent seasons.

Either way, next season will find the Ospreys having a very different look to what fans have been used to in the last few years – we can’t wait to see it.



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