Ahead of their forthcoming June test matches, the Qantas Wallabies have revealed a brand new primary jersey that they’ll wear for the rest of this year’s international games, once again made by ASICS. 

Rather than a completely new design, ASICS has chosen to mark the third year of their association with the Wallabies with a refresh of the existing templateexisting template that they’ve been wearing for the past 12 months.

So, like last year’s jersey, we have the same collar design with the V-shaped placket at the front, and the same Southern Cross motif on the right shoulder. It even has the same piping pattern.


What is different this year is the colour, or rather the lack of one colour in particular. Since they took over the Wallabies contract in 2014, the return of white as a third colour on the jersey has been an ever-present, but not any more.

Last year we had white piping and a white stub collar, but this year they’re both the dark green, with the placket of the collar replaced with a rather natty green-outlined yellow insert.

It’s a bit of a throwback to the old Kooga/BLK days, when the two-colour approach was very much in favour and, whisper it, but we actually think it gives the jersey a much cleaner and more together look.

Okay, just tweaking a jersey template is a little bit of an uninspired practice, but here we think that ASICS has definitely improved matters with its tweaking. Subtle these changes may be, but it’s definitely created a better look for the Wallabies in 2017.



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