It’s been a up and down time for Bayonne over the last few years – relegation in 2014 and a ultimately failed merger with Basque rivals Biarritz were the low points, while a successful bounce back to the big time for this season provides the high, though they’re not exactly pulling up trees in the Top 14 on their return… 

One thing Bayonne have always had in their favour is a rather lovely set of colours – sky blue and white, with a bit of dark blue thrown in there too, is a great combination, and it’s one that the club has used to decent effect in the last few years.

This season’s shirts are a bit of an evolution of the V-yoked design of last season – but this year the sleeves feel a lot more cohesive with the rest of the jersey. The large sleeve cuffs are in line with the chevron, making it feel like one gradual V shape – a very cool effect.


The away shirt is a simple white-for-blue swap of the home design, and if anything, we think it’s an ever nicer look than the home design. It also gives greater prominence to the two Basque nods on the jersey – the three lauburu (Basque cross) on the bottom of the design, and the green and red stripes on the Kappa collar.

What we’re less keen on is the hugely over the top main sponsor, which clashes with the rest of the shirt horribly, and is just massive, and the unbalanced nature of the extra sponsor on the right breast.

Other than that, however, these are two fine jerseys that continue Bayonne’s history of producing lovely shirts in recent seasons – we just hope they’re not wearing next year’s versions in the Pro D2…




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