Grenoble are one of those teams that, if you’re not a big follower of the Top 14, it’s rather easy to forget that they even exist. They’re never bad enough to suffer the ignominy of relegation, but at the same time they’re never quite good enough to trouble the play-offs either – in fact, since they were promoted in 2013, the highest FCG have finished was 10th… the lowest 11th.

But if they’re the textbook example of mediocre consistency in rugby terms, they’ve always punched far above their weight in terms of the important stuff – the shirts. This season is no exception.

With a can’t miss blue, red and white colour scheme, FCG have produced some truly lovely shirts over the years, not least last season’s hooped affairs and the pinstriped beauty of 2014’s away shirt.


This year’s home and away shirts have opted to keep things very restrained and classy, but that’s no bad thing at all, with plain blue/white jerseys contrasting piping and thick sleeve cuffs, it’s a little bit football shirt-y (a claim often levelled at FCG shirts) but hard not to like.

The one splash of interest is provided by the tri-colour collar – a feature of all the Kappa jerseys this season – which looks particularly nice and 70s in its red, white and blue iteration.


The European shirt, however, is another kettle of fish altogether – and we love it. Breaking from the super-clean look of the standard shirts, this teal beauty features a unique abstract mountain range graphic that runs along the bottom of the shirt, no doubt a nod to the French end of the Alps, which surrounds the city of Grenoble.

While the home and away shirts are perfectly decent, the away shirt really is lovely – with its unusual colour, cool Alps graphic and retro 70s collar, it’s one of the more unique jerseys you’ll see in Europe this season.


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