Clermont Auvergne 2016/17 Under Armour European Shirt


As one of Europe’s true superpowers, it almost goes without saying that Clermont Auvergne will be expecting to go far in the Champions Cup this season – especially as they currently sit atop the Top 14 standings – but events last season will cause some to pause before they put Clermont alongside Saracens, Wasps and Racing Metro in semi-finals bracket…

Last season, astonishingly, a team with a budget bigger than some European countries and a squad of internationals from all over the globe somehow failed to escape their group… and a large part of us thinks that was down to their truly hideous camo-blighted European jersey.

Thankfully, Clermont fans looking for a good omen will be relieved to hear that that cursed jersey has gone the way of the buffalo, but what’s replaced it is more than a little similar…


Like the home and away shirts this season, Under Armour has opted to keep the same template (as is Under Armour’s rather infuriating habit) but replaced the awful IKEA camo bits with a flat secondary colour – for a much, much nicer result.

The twist on the European jersey compared to the home is that, while last year Clermont went Black For Black’s Sake, we actually have a different colour this year – with the secondary blue shade (albeit a much darker one than is traditional) used as the primary here, and very fetching it is, too.

We’ve said it before, but we think Clermont’s white European jersey was one of the most recognisable cup shirts around, and we dearly wish they’d bring it back instead of using it as an away shirt. This, however, while slightly uninspired, is still perfectly decent, and a big step up from last year’s nadir.



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