It’s safe to say that many Scarlets fans weren’t so much awaiting the reveal of this season’s new away shirt with baited breath as with a degree of apprehension. After all, the last two seasons have given us change jerseys that were weird mirror images of tequila sunrise awfulness, so the thought of just what multicolored dreadfulness they’d have inflicted upon them must have caused a few sleepless nights…

Thankfully, however, they need not have worried, because the 2016/17 Scarlets away shirt isn’t just an improvement over last season’s confusing yellow-orange mess, it’s actually a pretty damn nice design!


That’s not to say that this isn’t a bit of a break from the norm, however. The Scarlets (and Llanelli before them) have long had blue as a secondary colour, even if it’s fallen from use in recent seasons, and it’s been used as an away shirt colour in the past, too.

This brighter shade of blue, however, is something we’ve not seen before – but it’s one that works really well we think, especially when paired with the jersey’s real highlight feature – the orange secondary shade.


Light blue and orange is a fantastic colour combination for a sports jersey, but it’s one that we don’t see too much of in European sport – it’s common as muck in the US, however, and it’s a combo that’s created some truly iconic uniforms, especially when mixed in with a splash of white.

And it’s exactly the same here – we really like the uneven orange hashed pattern that runs across the front of the shirt, especially when it’s paired with the striking orange under-arm panels, and the little dash of white around the collar.

The Scarlets have been trying to incorporate some orange into their change jerseys for a few years now, but the results thus far have been disastrous – until now. This is a real step forward, and it’s also the nicest Scarlets alternate shirt in years.


2 thoughts on “Scarlets 2016/17 Kooga Away Shirt

  1. The last two away kit were really popular with us Scarlets fans, we loved them, especially me, this one is nice but it’s not great, I would have prefered a darker shade of blue or at least whit shorts


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