Newcastle Falcons 2016/17 Gilbert Home & Away Shirts


It must be a frustrating thing being a Newcastle Falcons fan – since their famous Johnny Wilkinson-inspired Premiership win in 1998, the most northerly club in the Premiership has enjoyed more lows than highs, and every season seems to see them installed as perennial relegation favourites… 

Still, asides from a blip in 2012, the Falcons have managed to defy the odds – anyone who can ride statuesque former professional rugby player, current professional eater/legend Andy Goode to safety has to be respected. And if it sounds like we’re waffling because we have absolutely nothing to say about this ridiculously, almost obnoxiously plain Newcastle home shirt, well you may be on to something…


In truth, it’s not quite as plain and boring as it seems, there’s a pair of Gilbert logos on the shoulders and a subtle light grey honeycomb pattern down the sides and along the back of the shoulders.

That’s clutching at some pretty flimsy straws of interest, however, and there’s no getting away from the fact that, inoffensive it may be, but this is one utterly boring rugby shirt.


Which makes the alternate jersey all the more surprising, as it’s not boring at all – we mean, it’s bloody bright orange for crying out loud! And in stark contrast to the home jersey, there’s actually some little points of interest to draw our attention to.

We have nice classy white highlights to the sleeves, collar and jersey hem for one, and we have the same honeycomb pattern on the shoulders and sides, but this time rendered in much more striking white, with a dark grey segment filling out the bottom half of the side panel.


Okay, there’s a very, very slight danger that, should you be driving past a stranded motorist and pull over to offer some assistance while wearing the jersey, the aforementioned stranded motorist might mistake you for an RAC mechanic… but what are the chances, really?

Otherwise, this is a tale of two jerseys – one that’s almost offensively boring, and the other that’s actually kinda cool, in a roadside hi-vis kinda way. Which of those two things floats your boat will very much be in the eye of the beholder…



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