Ospreys 2016/17 BLK Away Shirt


We’ve already brought you the rather stunning new Ospreys home shirt, but as with most BLK alternate shirts, the 2016/17 away shirt is different enough that it deserves its own review, so let’s dive in… 

As is traditional for the Ospreys (and one of the few things the club does keep traditional and consistent kit-wise) the alternate shirt is white and like the home shirt the theme here is the Ospreys mask logo.


While on the home shirt we had a large, subtle tonal mask sublimated onto the chest of the jersey, here we have a stylised take on the mask motif, with the large black ‘beak’ area cutting through the centre of the chest, accented by a rather striking blue fade.

Other splashes of colour are provided by some rather fetching blue stitching around the side panels, and piping around the black arm cuffs that echoes the green-to-blue fade that was so prominent on the home shirt.


If we have one minor complaint, it’s that away shirt sponsor OSTCFX.com’s logo colour clashes awfully with the blue accents – could they not have just made it black? On the flipside, BT Sport’s presence on the bottom of the back of the shirt means the much maligned South Wales Wood Recycling sponsor isn’t present here.

After the success of their first two seasons, the Ospreys and BLK opted not to wait to extend their partnership, and extended the deal by a further five years. On evidence of both of this year’s designs, that has to be a good thing.

Buy the 2016/17 Ospreys away shirt at World Rugby Shop


One comment

  1. The “beak” mask motif as you’ve called it is a nice touch. It’s not overwhelming to the eye, yet still flashy enough to make the shirt really stand out. Utilizing the stitching that stems from the motif’s blue coloration as piping gives the shirt a nice splash of color extending to the back of the shirt. My only complaint is the same as yours that the ostcfx.com sponsor color makes it feel out of place. Regardless, I can imagine this shirt drawing a good amount of attention prior to the start of a match.


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