We’ve thoroughly enjoyed our first looks at the clobber for the USA’s first ever professional rugby tournament, PRO Rugby, in the last few weeks. From clean and classy to bold and polarising, new rugby supplier Champion System can clearly run the gamut – and the San Diego shirt is kind of a little bit of everything.

We’ve talked in both our previous PRO Rugby reviews of how these new teams, in lieu of the proper branding that will come next season after a fan vote, they’ve opted to reflect the sporting history of their home city through the colours used, and San Diego is no exception.


Anyone who knows their San Diego sports knows that their NFL team (for the time being at least) is the Chargers, and the Bolts primary colour scheme is blue, white and gold. While we have a little bit of white here, the blue and gold are the primary concerns here. Indeed, the two shades of blue are very interesting – as they represent two different eras of Chargers uniforms.

The dark blue that lines the collars, sleeve cuffs and the pinstripe that runs down the S-shaped wave on the body of the shirt is presumably a nod to the primary shade that the Chargers use currently, but the main shade seems to be a nod to the classic and beloved powder blue uniforms the team wore in the 60s.


But the San Diego area isn’t just know for its American football and baseball teams, oh no – the city’s most famous sporting pursuit is a bit more outside the box, surfing. And interestingly, we think that the design of the San Diego PRO Rugby shirts have a pretty blatant nod to more sunny sporting endeavours.

Look at the home shirt again, notice the way that S-shaped wave runs down the shirt? Notice the colour of it? Kinda looks like a winding shoreline, doesn’t it? With the blue of the jersey representing the crystal clear waters of the Pacific Ocean.


The away shirt somewhat flips that on its head with its use of white and blue instead of blue and gold of course, but there’s still a definite ocean vibe here. The mix of blue and white, and the shape of the jersey pattern, does bring to mind a wave cresting and crashing against a nice sandy beach… or maybe we just REALLY need a holiday…

We’re not sure quite what to make of these jerseys – the S-shaped pattern down the side of the shirt is a bit out of the ordinary and not very rugby, and yet we do like the thinking behind what it might represent.

We can’t complain about the colours either – unlike the Denver jersey, this zeroes right in on the most popular and recognisable sporting colourscheme in the city. That said, we’re pulling for some serious 1980s San Diego Padres tribute action – you know it makes sense!

UPDATE: The Team name for PRO Rugby San Diego has been chosen, and from next season the team will be known as the San Diego Breakers!

Buy the San Diego shirts from Champion System at World Rugby Shop



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