The Kangaroos take on the Kiwis in this year’s ANZAC test today, the first of two matches between the two rugby league super powers before they head north for the Four Nations tournament in October. This is the 17th time Australia and New Zealand have competed for the Bill Kelly Memorial Trophy, and the Kangaroos are using the test to don their brand new 2016 jersey for the first time… well, we say new… 

It’s become something of a running joke how little Canterbury has chosen to veer from tradition with its Australia shirts, and this year does absolutely nothing to break from that trend. There’s a couple of small changes that it’s still worth noting.


For starters, as with all Canterbury shirts this season, the neckline has been changed the 360º Loop design, and whereas just the front of the collar had yellow piping last time, it now runs around the whole of the neckline.

The other big change is the main sponsor – or lack thereof. Yes, traditionalists rejoice, the front of the jersey is totally clean, leaving the iconic double-chevron to stand proud unmolested in vintage style.


There’s also one more new thing – or at least something we haven’t noticed before. If you look very, very closely at the bottom of the shirt’s back, you’ll notice the subtly sublimated kangaroo and Southern Cross motif that emulates the Kangaroos’ crest on the right breast of the shirt.

So, another year, another samey Kangaroos jersey then? Well, yes – but that’s not really a bad thing, is it?

The Kangaroos jersey is one of the most iconic designs in all of rugby league, and while there might not be too many changes between this year and last, they serve to create a design that’s even more classic, and even more true to the century-plus tradition of Australia Rugby League, and is utterly gorgeous to boot.




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