After the shock of the Blues ending their eight-year streak in State Of Origin in 2014, the Maroons got things back on track last season – after tight results in the first two games, Queensland romped to a record victory in the third match and retained their title. 

For 2016, the Maroons are once again outfitted by Canterbury, and there’s a definite ‘we are the champions’ feel to this year’s design – accentuated as it is with extra helpings of gold trim around the collar and the 360° Loop neckline.

All that aside, this isn’t too dissimilar from the jerseys we’ve seen from Queensland and Canterbury in the last few seasons – it’s a very clean, classy design, with a subtle chevron motif rendered in embossed pinstripes in the body of the design.


What is different from the shirts we’ve seen over the last two seasons however, is the number of chevrons used in the design. Previously, there’s only been two, and they’ve halted above the main sponsor, but here we have four, repeated down the length of the jersey.

It’s curiously similar to the New South Wales Blues shirt from this season – a shirt that also had repeated chevrons running down the front, which are also represented using pinstripes. Canterbury and Queensland did it first of course, but it’s interesting how both shirts have opted for a modern take on a classic design.

There’s not been a great deal of variation with the Maroons shirts in recent seasons, but certainly compared to the last two years, there’s a little more going on thanks to the gold trim and the repeating Vs.

It’s also undeniably lovely, too – a clean and classy take on the classic Queensland shirt, with a couple of modern flourishes to set it apart.




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