Portugal Sevens Samurai 2016 Home Shirt


Portugal are perhaps not one of the names you think of when it comes to rugby, and indeed rugby sevens in general, but the Lobos have been a core team on the World Rugby Sevens circuit since 2013, and have won a record eight titles at the European Sevens Grand Prix – not a bad return.

For the 2016 HSBC Sevens Series, Portugal have signed up with a new kit supplier to give them a look that’s a bit more unique than the templated designs they’ve had in the past, and you have to say that Samurai Sportswear have certainly fulfilled their brief.

The shirt is primarily red and green, of course, as is the way with Portugal shirts traditionally, but things get a little more unconventional across the middle…


Across the centre of the design, we have three coloured bands a reddy green, dark red and lighter red, representing a sort of blend between the respective colours above and below with the darker red.

It’s rather unconventional, but subtle enough that it doesn’t look too weird, but adds a nice bit of individuality to the design.

That’s not the only bit of individuality of course, as the most striking feature of the jersey are the myriad wavy, irregular um… well… lines? Probably? Whatever they are, they’re splashed across the body of the design, front and back.

Are they supposed to have some sort of significance to Portugal that we don’t know about in our ignorance? Are we missing something obvious? Answers on a post card if you can help.

It’s always cool when smaller teams are decked out in designs that are a bit more unique and creative than an off-the-peg template, and it’s good to see that this is becoming a more common thing.

Portugal might be one of the smaller teams on the World Rugby Sevens tour, and even smaller in the wider scope of rugby union, but thanks to Samurai, they have a shirt that is instantly recognisable and individual, and that’s pretty damn cool…


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