Montpellier Hérault Rugby 2015/16 Puma Home & Away Shirts


Montpellier are one of those Top 14 teams that seem to spend loads of money without ever reaching the heights that you’d expect a team with a galaxy of stars to attain. It seems baffling that a team with the likes of Ben Mowen, Jannie du Pleisis and Jesse Mogg isn’t even in the Champions Cup this year, but such is French rugby…

Once again this season, Montpellier are being kitted out by Puma, and it’s a partnership that has resulted in some uh… pretty eye-catching shirts in the last few seasons.

By and large they’ve also been pretty shit, too, so how does this year’s design measure up? Well… it’s a mixed bag.


The bottom half is all good, as far as we’re concerned – the light-to-dark blue stripey fade thing is cool, modern and classy, and if the whole jersey was just that, we’d have very few complaints at all.

Sadly though, things can never be simple when it comes to a Montpellier shirt, and sure enough they’ve opted to emblazon the jersey with a giant Occitan cross that dominates the whole of the top half of the design, front and back.

We appreciate that the cross is one of the symbols of the Languedoc region, but it doesn’t half look tacky and rubbish here.


The alternate shirt is a simple palette-swap with the home shirt, with shades of blue replaced with a mixture of white at the top and grey at the bottom of the design.

Again, it’s not exactly a looker, but it’s somehow a little bit less offensive than the home – the grey cross is slightly less eye-grabbing than it is on the home shirt, and that is obviously an improvement.


It’s hard to feel like Montpellier don’t underachieve somewhat, given the impressive resources they’ve had to draw on in the last few seasons… and it’s broadly been the same story with their shirts.

Puma can make some cool, original and modern shirts when they want to, but too often the German company ends up producing brash, ugly, tacky designs that date before the season has even started.

This might not be the worst thing we’ve seen from Puma, but it’s certainly not the best either – one to forget.



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