The World Rugby Sevens returns this weekend with the first tournament of the season in Dubai. It’s great news for fans of fast, exciting short-form rugby, and it’s also great news for fans of the most striking and unusual shirts around. Today, we’re looking at the brand spanking new Aussie gear, and they certainly do not disappoint…

Last year we saw ASICS’ second attempt at the Australian Sevens shirts, and we were very impressed by the striking geometric triangle pattern on both shirts. It was bold and out there, yes, but it was also classy… perhaps too classy.

See, sevens shirts are supposed to be loud, garish, gaudy even… the sort of thing that if you wore it into your local public house, your friends would raise their eyebrows, and then ask you what the hell you were wearing.


Thankfully, this year’s Aussie Sevens shirts firmly redress that balance – they’re as bonkers as anything else you’re likely to see on the circuit this year.

With its canary yellow body and lime green sleeves it would be eye-catching enough, but then you factor in the giant outline of Australia on the front and back of the shirt, it’s bold, it’s brash, and it’s very, very definitely Australian. Fair dinkum.


The change shirt would be in real danger of looking subtle, demure and classy again this year, with its mix of light and dark blue with subtle yellow collar and cuffs.

Thankfully, though, we still have the batshit brilliance of the Australian map outline motif, and don’t forget the inclusion of the Southern Cross constellation, beloved of 15-a-side shirts in recent years, proudly displayed across the country.


Are these shirts conventionally attractive, in a rugby shirt sense? Well, no – but that’s really the point. Sevens is a frenetic, fast-paced game, and as a result, teams need to stand out in the little time they have on show.

Australia have been in the middle of the pack for the last few years on the Sevens World Series, but one thing’s for sure – however well they do, with these shirts, they’re certainly not going to be forgotten in a hurry.




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