Glasgow Warriors put a few seasons of being nearly men firmly behind them last year, topping the Pro12 table, and making up for their Grand Final loss in 2014 by smashing Munster in the showpiece event. With bags of exciting talent throughout the squad, you wouldn’t bet against them having another run at the playoffs this year, so let’s check out their shirt offerings for 2015/16. 

Macron’s designs for the Glasgow home shirt from the last couple of seasons have been pretty clean, uncomplicated affairs, and on the outset it’s pretty much the same this time around. Plain black is the order of day once again, with striking blue overstitching, side panels and the collar.


Unlike last season’s shirts, with their slightly odd stub-style collar, both this and the Edinburgh shirts (shudder) this season have taken a leaf out of the Macron Scotland shirts by including a honest to goodness proper, old-school polo collar.

Proper collars are the collars of champions, we’re sure you’ll all agree – and this one is especially nice in the secondary shade of light blue – it makes the whole thing feel a bit less dark and moody than in previous years.


All in all, however, it’s a pretty clean, classy restrained design, with very little ornamentation… that is until you look at the sides of the jersey. The side vents aren’t just plain blue, instead we have a motif that gives the jersey its ‘Made For Glasgow’ theme.

Last year the home shirt had the names of the clubs from Glasgow and the west of Scotland sublimated into the body of the jersey, and Macron has repeated the idea here, but in a much more interesting and unique way.


The names of the clubs have again been used, but rather than being sublimated willy nilly, they’ve been used to create the silhouettes of one of the most recognisable symbols of Glasgow’s proud engineering heritage – the Finnieston Crane.

It’s a really novel, interesting idea, and a great way to both pay tribute Glasgow’s history and recognise the clubs that the Warriors represent. It’s these little details that often make a good shirt great, and this is no exception.


If the home shirts have been very restrained, demure affairs in recent seasons, the alternate shirts have been a little bit, er, peculiar. But like last year’s alternate shirt, which honoured famous Glasgow architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh by adorning the shirt with his famous rose motif, this one also pays tribute to the city.


While the home shirt was all about Glasgow’s heritage, this one is about its present, depicting one of the newest and most striking buildings in the city. Yup, the squiggly line might look like a graph depicting the gradually inflating size of Dan Carter’s pay packet, but in fact, it’s a depiction of one of the new Riverside Museum on Glasgow harbour.

Compared to the rose from last season, this season is definitely more successful – the ‘squiggle’ might not be to everyone’s tastes, but there’s no doubt that the blue and white work very well together, creating a very striking overall effect.



Another nice little touch you might not have noticed on both shirts pays tribute to the city and its rugby past. On the bottom left-hand side of the jersey front, the shield of the Glasgow District Rugby Union is again featured this year. Glasgow District was the city’s representative amateur side which was founded in 1872, and continued to compete until professionalism saw them become the Glasgow Warriors.

Since Macron took over the kit duties for both Scottish pro clubs, Glasgow has generally had the less interesting end of the stick, and that’s not always a bad thing. You’ll probably remember that Edinburgh’s shirts this year are almost historically awful, and compared to that, boring and plain might have seemed pretty damn classy.

But these aren’t boring, or plain – the home shirt is clean and classy, but certainly isn’t boring, in fact it’s put a fresh new spin on the whole ‘sublimated club names’ idea, while the alternate shirt is striking, modern, and pretty damn lovely to boot. Glasgow tore it up on the pitch last year, and their shirts are title-worthy this time around, too.





One thought on “Glasgow Warriors Macron 2015/16 Home & Alternate Shirts

  1. Struggling with the whole Macron look including the Scottish jerseys. Not hating them, but not liking either. Something is holding me back. ….


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