It’s all change for Racing Metro this season. Not only does the club have a new name, they’re Racing 92 now, instead of Racing Metro 92, but the personnel is pretty different, too. After a few years of mixed success recruiting Celtic Galacticos such as Jonathan Sexton, Jamie Roberts and Dan Lydiate, the club has replaced them with true megastars in the shape of All Black legends Dan Carter and Joe Rokocoko.

Megastars are only part of the equation, however – Racing are a club that has always been associated style, and since Kappa took over their contract in 2010, they’ve certainly delivered that, as our borderline inappropriate frothing over last season’s gear will attest.

This year is no exception – Racing’s home shirt again features the blue and white ‘Cambridge’ hoops that have adorned Racing Club de France since their founding in 1882.

The 2015 vintage features a new low-drop white and navy blue low granddad collar, which somehow makes the shirt look even more retro and cool, while the thicker hoops and navy blue partial sleeve cuffs from last year remain. Again, the beautiful simplicity of the jersey is infringed somewhat by the main Natixis sponsor, though the player’s shirt has about half a dozen more that really don’t look that nice, so we’ll take it!


Some fans online continue to complain about the lack of burgundy on the home jersey, but if the previous years are to go by, it could appear on their other jerseys for the coming season. And as Racing’s alternate jerseys have been just as nice, if not nicer than the home, they should probably just pipe the hell down.

The fans minor complaints should be eased with the chorus of Racing 92’s club anthem “Racing a du coeur” (Racing has heart/ Racing is passionate – you choose which translation) on the inside of the collar in the same font as seen on the club badge with “Depuis 1882”. Also inside the collar is a classy blue, white and red tricolore piping, which is another like back to the Racing Club de France days.

Kappa’s venture into domestic rugby with the likes of Bayonne and UBB have been a mixed bag so far, but the Racing shirt has always looked great. This new ‘Kombat’ design continues that trend – it’s refreshingly traditional and classic design that suits the world class players who’ll be donning it to a tee.





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  1. This is a cracking jersey but buy the time it’s
    time to hit the turff and get down to.scoreing trys it will not be any more the jersey will end up looking like a billboard. Clubs are loseing there souls due to far to mutch
    sponsorship on thare jerseys remmber a club without fans is a club no more.

    1. Jersey sponsorship is a necessary evil of modern rugby Albert – sometimes it goes to far and compromises the look of a shirt, but fans have to accept that pro rugby is a money game, and clubs need to make use of every bit of potential revenue they can in order to field competitive squads.


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