Since 2012, Leicester Tigers have had their kits supplied by Canterbury, and in that time we’ve mostly been big fans of their designs, with one hideous exception. Now however, Bath are busy flying the flag for Canterbury in the Prem, while Leicester have moved on to Manchester rugby specialists Kooga. Let’s dive in…

While the Tigers shirts Canterbury produced during their tenure were generally really nice and classy, they weren’t the most traditional affairs, and in the lead up to the new shirt’s release, lots of Tigers fans were hoping for a return to the classic green, white and red hoops of the Cotton Traders era.

Er, yeah… about that…


Well, we guess that the hoops are kinda back… technically… in a way…

When Kooga and the Tigers unveiled this shirt a few days ago, the reaction on social media was pretty unequivocal, and the letters W, T and F were being used in pretty liberal quantities.

After all, Canterbury might have put a few noses out of joint with their unconventional designs, but at least they always got the colour right!

White has always been part of the Leicester colour scheme, but for as far back as we can remember, green has been the most prominent one… even back when the shade of green was a much less dark and moody affair!


Here however, the combination of the white shoulders and collar, combined with that hideous, tacky green-to-white fade hoop makes it look many things (several of them very bad words), but the one thing it doesn’t look like is a Leicester Tigers jersey.

The new Tigers alternate shirt hasn’t been released yet, but we’re intrigued as to just what Kooga are going to do with this, seeing as their home shirt pretty much looks like it should be an away jersey – green maybe?!

In fact, it looks so much like an away shirt, the first thing we thought of when we saw this was another Leicester shirt – the 13/14 away. That’s how badly wrong this has gone.


After looking like they were going to drift into obscurity for a while there, Kooga have come back to the fore in rugby this year – they’re supplying Worcester, Tigers and the Scarlets at club level, while also putting out a pretty nice shirt for Uruguay at the World Cup.

This however, is a car crash. It gives us no pleasure to say it, but this has to be one of the biggest shirt fails we’ve seen this year. We don’t object teams trying something bold and different, but only when they do it in a way that still respects their heritage and traditions, especially when you have as proud a history as Leicester.

Leicester’s colours are green, white and red, with green being the most prominent one, particularly in recent years. By over-emphasising the white here, they’ve made a shirt that doesn’t just look pretty bad, but doesn’t even feel like a Tigers shirt at all. What a pity.



4 thoughts on “Leicester Tigers Kooga 2015/16 Home Shirt

  1. I’m a huge Tigers fan but this is worlds of wrong. To be fair, the classic version of this shirt is a saviour. It’ll stop the kit going into oblivion. However, they need to step it up with the alternate and the stash in order to win back fans. Canterbury (even though I loved it) drove scores of fans back to Cotton Traders, and this won’t bring any back.

    1. I agree Alex, the supporters shirt saves it. The players/replica looks like a night shirt. I loved Canterbury’s quality but not their designs (although I genuinely liked the Tigers print). Canterbury also cut their shirts a little too tight for someone with a supporters belly like me. With all teams, I feel the home shirt should stay traditional and the designers should ‘have fun’ with the alternate.

  2. Apart from the jersey could have more red on it I like it a lot.

    I guess if he have to move forword in rugby union then this is what moveing forword looks like.

    I am more of a traditionalist when it comes rugby union kits as in the kits The Barbarians use supplied buy Cotton Traders but teams seam to be moveing towords in terms of kits that are anything but I guess you could say this is down to market forces in this way rugby union is moveing to a par with football if you dont like whare the game is going ether try and change things in terms of kits buy not buying them in that way clubs will be forced to rethink thare strategy in terms of kits and in turn national teams will be forced to change aswell given time.

    But I like what
    Kooga  are doing in terms of kits but I do think Macron are the pick of kit
    manufactures within the game at this point in time.


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