The new Scotland home shirt was unveiled to much fanfare and almost unanimously positive reception last week. But we’ve heard this story before – we know Macron can make a good home shirt… but the big question was, can they make a decent away shirt?

Well, the answer is quite obviously, yes. After the leisure centre polo shirt abomination of 2013, and last year’s rather ill-advised flirtation with red, Macron has righted the ship here by getting back to basics. It’s back in the traditional white, it’s clean… it’s pretty much the same as the home shirt really, but that’s A Good Thing.


Again we’ve got the tartan side panels that have gone down such a treat with the home design – it’s frankly amazing that it’s taken the SRU 25 years to use its unique tartan to spice up a shirt, but we’re happy to see the trend continuing here.

If anything the Tartan side panels are even more of a feature here than they were on the home shirt. On the home design, they kinda blended into the sea of dark blue, giving a more subtle effect – on the alternate they’re hard to miss, standing out starkly against the white – it’s cool.


The same’s true of the sleeve cuffs, which again, are of the optional turn-up variety. The little ring of tartan around the bottom of the sleeve really pops out against the white, and it’s certainly making this feel like the more tartan-y shirt of the two – is that a good thing? Well that depends on how much you bloody love tartan…

We mentioned that the tartan wasn’t too eye-catching against the sea of dark blue on the home shirt, but we’re quite glad the alternate isn’t quite so monochrome – the dark blue collar looks really fetching (and is of course a proper turn-down collar – Macron, never change), and stops it looking a bit too plain white tshirt-y from the front.

We don’t know if it’s intentional, but we also like the way the blue stitching at the bottom of the collar placket looks kinda like an inverted Saltire, which is what this shirt is, really, we suppose… maybe we’re reading too much into things. Wouldn’t be the first time, just ask that stripper we proposed to in Edinburgh during the 2006 Six Nations…


So, can Macron break their hoodoo and finally churn out a Scotland alternate shirt that’s a worthy companion to their lovely home designs? Well, it’s taken a few goes, but it’s hard not to feel like they’ve nailed it this time around – clean, classic, simple, and with a none-more-Scotch twist. Nice.


RW_RWC Europe_800x250


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