When Macron took over the contract for the Scottish Rugby Union two seasons ago, we didn’t really know what to expect. The company had some rugby pedigree, but were hardly in the same bracket as previous supplier Canterbury. We were even more uneasy when the SRU announced the home shirt would be designed by… a fan? Thankfully, our concerns were unfounded – the Scotland home shirt was one of the nicest shirts the men in blue have worn ever, and over the following two years, we’ve seen a selection of mainly good (though not always) designs from the Italian firm. Now it’s their biggest job yet, a Rugby World Cup shirt to do the Highlands proud. Mission accomplished? Let’s dig in… 

From the front, this shirt looks like it’s taken the 2013/15 recipe and simplified things even further. Gone is the white collar and placket, though brilliantly, the proper old-school collar is retained – viva la proper collar! Instead, the main body of the jersey is plain flat blue from top to bottom, with just the white of the thistle and the Macron and RWC logos breaking the stark, restrained design. Demure, restrained, understated – it’s very Scottish you have to agree. But plain blue? That’s a little boring, isn’t it? 


Well hold on one second, because there’s a lot more going on here than just plain old blue…



Yes, not content with keeping things oh so Scottish and restrained on the jersey front, the sides of the shirt up the Scottish factor to hitherto unseen, Billy Connolly levels. Running the full length of both sides of the shirt is some really cool really striking green, blue and purple tartan.

“But isn’t tartan specific to clans and such?” Non-Scots may ask in entirely understandable ignorance of tartan protocol. Well… sit down, and let us tell you a story…


Back in the mists of time, Scotland were very good at rugby. We know, mean, horrible rugby fans – this is quite hard to imagine given the last 10 years or so of false dawns and disappointments, but they were. They were so good in fact, that they won a Five Nations Grand Slam back in 1990. To celebrate this impressive achievement, the SRU did the most Scottish thing imaginable.

Yes, they drank a shitload of whisky – of course they did, who could blame them, but no, not that. No they did the OTHER most Scottish thing imaginable and commissioned a special SRU tartan to mark their fantastic achievement.


We’re frankly amazed that 25 years after commissioning it, Scotland has never once incorporated this unique, bespoke pattern into a shirt design, but they’ve finally gotten around to it, and now that they have, they’re using it in spades. In addition to the very cool side panels on the body of the shirt, they’ve liberally sprinkled it around the inside of the collar and sleeve cuffs, too, which normally would be a nice design touch, but nothing more. Not so here…

What’s more, the sleeves cuffs can be worn in two ways – straight and blue, as in the main shot of the shirt here, or in uber trendy roll-sleeve format, showing off the tartan trim in very cool fashion indeed. Could this be the first roll-sleeve rugby shirt? Perhaps, and while we’re no fans of hispterish high street trends, we really like the effect here.


We joked when we reviewed Macron’s 13/15 home shirt that when the results were this good, they should let a fan design the shirts every year. Thankfully, it seems that Macron’s pro designers know their onions, too. They’ve nailed a blend of retro sensibilities and something bold, modern and different to once again create a shirt that’s going to be the envy of the tournament. And don’t you ever, ever get rid of that proper collar.


RW_RWC Europe_800x250


8 thoughts on “Scotland Rugby Macron Rugby World Cup 2015 Home Shirt

  1. Love it, it’s so refreshing and traditional at the same time, no theatrics, just getting down to business, let’s hope play on the field does it proud.

  2. Lovely design – got to give Macron credit. I’d never heard of them until a couple years ago, but apart from their last away jersey for Scotland their efforts have been a classy mix of modern and classic.

  3. Minor, minor quibble, but I would have liked to see a white collar (on the outside – keep the tartan on the inside). Oh, and the RWC logo is horrible, but I don’t suppose the SRU or Macron had any choice about that.

    Mine arrived yesterday.

      1. RWC jerseys might be hard to come by now Emma, as limited quantities are made, but you can pick up the non-RWC from and many other rugby retailers

  4. Think this is my favourite RWC shirt so far. I’m slightly dissapointed with England’s effort (will probably buy the classic), but I’d be over the moon if I was a Scot this September!

  5. Hi,i have been looking desperatly for one of these scotland rwc 2015 blue jerseys size xxxl,they were robbed in this tournament against the aussies


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