With the June internationals just a couple of weeks away, excitement is building for the return of international rugby and of course, a chance to clap eyes on lovely test jerseys old and new – and there might be few better on show this season than this… 

Nike has messed around with the Pumas recipe a lot since they took over from Adidas after the 2011 World Cup, but this is a return to classic, beautiful simplicity, with those iconic horizontal hoops restored to their rightful prominence.


And that is, of course, a very, very good thing indeed – we mean, just look at the damn thing!

It’s a wonderful fusion of classic and modern, with the hoops complemented by modern grip material across the sleeves and chest, and contrasting white side panels that really make this feel a bit more modern.


Blending the retro and the modern in one design, Nike has achieved something really special here – a rugby shirt for 2015 that feels truly timeless.

The Pumas will also be wearing a version of this shirt for the Rugby World Cup, so we’ll have plenty of chance to appreciate it yet!





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