It might not be the highest standard of competition, but there’s little doubt that the Pacific Rugby Premiership has showcased some of the most unique and downright lovely jerseys we’ve seen in any league this season. The latest jersey from the tournament we’ll be looking at is San Francisco Golden Gate RFC, so let’s dive in…

SFGG are one of the newer teams in the PRP, having only been in existence since 2001, however the club itself is a merger of two older clubs from the area – San Francisco Rugby Club and Golden Gate Rugby Club. The merger has been a success, too – SFGG won the old Rugby Super League twice, in both 2009 and 2011, and claimed the inaugural Pacific Rugby Premiership title last season.

SFGG are also notable for being the former club of USA international and current Northampton Saints monster Samu Manoa, and have several USA internationals on their books.

‘But what about the shirt?’ We hear you cry… Well, while it might not be quite as striking as some of the other jerseys we’ve looked at from the Pacific Rugby Premiership, but it’s still a decent design. The white insert with the black dividing line on the left shoulder and the the back quarter of the jersey is a cool, individual motif.



We’re not sure what this motif is supposed represent. It looks vaguely mountainous… so we’re wondering if the motif is supposed to represent the picturesque Marin Headlands – the hilly peninsula that’s opposite San Francisco on the other end of the Golden Gate Bridge. Answers on a postcard if you can clear that one up for us.

Speaking of the Golden Gate Bridge, it’s no surprise that a team with that in its name has the famous suspension bridge in its badge, but the keen-eyed among you will notice that one of the bridge’s famous towers has also been sublimated onto the front of the jersey. It’s subtle, but a nice touch we think.


Compared to the Olympic Club shirt, or the Denver Barbarians jersey that we’ve looked at previously, there’s little doubt that this doesn’t have that same ‘stunning instant classic’ vibe. Indeed, even compared to the Santa Monica shirt, which uses a very similar colour scheme to very striking effect, this jersey feels slightly less special.

Not every shirt can be a retro-lovely jaw-dropper however, and we still think Canterbury has done a decent job with this design. There’s more going on here than in the other shirts, and the various unusual design touches all have a thought and story to them that we love to see.

And if they win the PRP Grand Final again this season, we imagine SFGG and its fans won’t care one jot that their shirt isn’t quite as memorable as some of their rivals’. And if it piques your interest, don’t forget that this shirt and all the other Canterbury Pacific Rugby Premiership shirts are available exclusively from our retail partner,


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