The boys from Townsville looked like real contenders last season, not least due to their lovely kits from ISC. While they’ve lost the two Sims brothers and Jonathan Thurston is rumoured to be rested for parts of the season, a settled squad and, most importantly, a settled jersey means they could go further than their one-point semi final loss to the Roosters last time around.

The ‘if it ain’t broke…’ approach is one we approve of on this blog – why release a new set of jerseys every season, especially when the ones you have are so damn fine?



Admittedly there are some subtle differences to this year’s offering for the completist collectors, with creators ISC making way for a ‘dt’ sponsor at the top of the shirt adding just a tad more colour; there are new sponsors on the sleeves; and there’s even a ’20 years – Est 1995′ memento on the inside of the collar.



The alternate is one of those change shirts that pretty much looks the same as the home until you look twice – it’s a basic flip of the home colours, and while that’s not always the most inspiring thing, there’s little doubt this is another really gorgeous shirt


Both the classic dark/white shading and yellow chevrons on both the home and reverse jerseys are still winners in our book. Frankly we’d be happy to see the Cowboys keep wearing these for the next decade.




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