For the last seven years, Harlequins have moved their post-Christmas Premiership fixture next door to Twickenham Stadium. It’s surely a big occasion, but the most important part of the day (for us at least) is the release of a one-off shirt to mark the occasion, so let’s dive in! 

Big Game 7 is Quins’ first since signing up with Adidas in the offseason. We know from the German sportswear giant’s take on the new Quins alternate shirt that they’re not afraid to try something a little out there, and this shirt is no exception.

Building on the impressionistic theme of this year’s alternate shirt, this primarily red jersey has a striking mosaic/crazy paving (delete as per your liking it or both) effect, utilising the other main Quins colours – grey, green and black.

It’s a very unusual look, but they’ve kept enough red in there so that it doesn’t lose all coherency. If we were to be picky, we’d moan that the main sponsor’s yellow colour scheme clashes quite badly, but such is modern sport.


Round the back, we see that this is yet another half and half shirt – where the front of the jersey is distinctly different to the back. In this case, it’s echoes the sleeves in being plain black, with a nice green ‘stripe shrug’ around the shoulders.

We like the use of green as a complimentary colour here actually, as it works hair as well on the collar placket against the red as it does against the black. Plus, let’s not forget: red and green is about as fucking festive as it gets.

On the back of the jersey you’ll also notice a large logo for Great Ormond Street Hospital. We assume this is going to be obscured by the numbers when this shirt hits the field, but it’s worth noting that a fiver from each replica sold will go towards that great cause. Lovely stuff,




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