To say things haven’t gone to plan for London Welsh this season is something of an understatement. Despite (or perhaps because of) an impressive recruitment drive designed to avoid their one-and-done flirtation with the Premiership two years ago, they’ve started historically badly. Nine games into the season, they’ve lost all of them, conceding an eye-watering 412 points in the process, scoring just 73. That’s not relegation form, that’s one-way ticket to the Dignitas clinic form. Still, at least their Rhino kit for 2014 came about without anything going wrong…

Well, we say that…

Not long before the start of this season, Samurai started circulating pictures of the 2014/15 London Welsh kit on their social media pages. Nothing odd about that, you’d imagine, they’d supplied LW for the last few seasons, so we took it in good faith… that was, until LW got in touch with us, explaining that the kit that Samurai had up for sale on their website wasn’t actually official at all, stating “Samurai no longer supplies London Welsh and has no right or permission to use the London Welsh badge, name or those of the club sponsors”.


Suffice to say, there was talk of legal action and Samurai soon stopped selling it, which will be scant to the fans who forked out for this unofficial kit before Welsh raised the alarm, but the legal disputes between clubs and their suppliers aren’t our concern. This official Rhino-made kit, on the other hand, is.


And… well… it’s okay, isn’t it? The big dragon on the side of the shirt has been a staple for a few years now, and we quite like it, even if there is something a little ‘semi-pro’ about it. We also quite like the concept of the ‘dragon scale’ pattern on the shoulders, though the execution isn’t the best.

The club website on the bottom of the shirt looks a bit weird to us – the sort of thing a club would do in the early 2000s to let fans know that yes, they did, in fact, have a website – it feels rather superfluous in this day and age, however.



The alternate shirt is uh… well it’s very striking, to say the least. It’s got to the point now where pink shirts aren’t as daring or interesting as they once were. The Cardiff Blues have had several pink shirt in recent years, and look around the rugby world you’ll see plenty of them. What’s more, this shade of pink is just a little… eh. It’s a day-glo shade that just looks a little tacky to us.


It’s a shame, because pink and black is a great combination, and if anything, we think the colour scheme here works better than the red, black and white of the home shirt – the simplicity of it really works, it’s just a shame the colour is a little bit too bright for our tastes.

So, are these shirts as bad as London Welsh’s performances so far this season? Well they aren’t hewn from solid shit in the shape of an extended middle finger, so of course not. They are, however, a little bit meh. There’s nothing wrong with them per se, they just feel underwhelming and a little tacky. We feel like we’re kicking Welsh when they’re down here, but shit is shit so…





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