With European club rugby taking on a different (and yet very familiar) complexion this season, the Ospreys have decided to mark their first jaunt in the new Rugby Champions Cup with the region’s first ever European jersey in their decade or so of existence. Worth the wait? Well let’s dive in…

First things first – if you’ve read many of our reviews, you’ll know there are two things that we’ve got a real soft spot for – hoops, and grey rugby shirts. This new Ospreys Euro shirt, then, is placing itself smack bang in the middle of our venn diagram of love with the subtle hoops contrast between black and grey.

We really liked the bold, ultra-modern take on an Ospreys shirt that new kit supplier BLK offered up this season, but it was plain to see that not everyone would appreciate such a busy, unconventional look.

We’re glad to see BLK opting for something much, much cleaner for this Euro shirt then – there’s no sublimated patterns here, no diagonal stripes or irregular pinstripes on the sleeves – it’s just plain black, with the lovely, subtle grey hoops along the lower half of the jersey.


And while this is a simple, clean shirt, it certainly not boring – we really like the way the yellow and electric blue piping is a subtle little nod to this season’s alternate kit. It’s a subtle little touch, but it lifts the shirt from potentially looking quite dour, and gives it a very modern vibe, too.

We really like the Ospreys home shirt for this season, but honestly, this is on another level – it’s clean, subtle and classy, while being modern and interesting. The nicest Ospreys shirt ever?




One thought on “Ospreys Rugby 2014/15 BLK European Shirt

  1. As nice as this shirt is, (It’s the best they’ve had in at least a decade!). Throught the hoops would go all the way around though, and another sponsor opposite Herbalife would add symmetry….or move the herblife above Swansea Uni on the sleeve

    As for the Nicest shirt – for me is still the first ever Ospreys kit (Air Wales) with the Original badge from 2003 (not the Cock and Balls logo they currently use!), followed by the black and white stripey affair with grey sides – NPower sponsor, again original badge in 2006 Also last season’s LV= / Charity shirt was a winner with each premiership club represented as a quarter.


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