Last week, we took a look at the new Italy home shirt from Adidas, and here we’re taking a look at the alternate version, which they may be wearing when they take on France in Paris this weekend (tradition would say the French should wear their alternate kit, but as recently as November they made the All Blacks wear white so they could don their home shirt). Let’s take a look…

On first examination, it’s hard to really find much wrong with this really. Italy are one of the few nations in test rugby that actually have to use their shirts on a regular basis, so it’s something of a relief that it’s more Statue Of David than Silvio Burlusconi in the aesthetic stakes.

Reflecting the simplicity of the home shirt, this is a very understated design, with minimal ornamentation. There are a few little nice touches that lift it above plain white t-shirt territory.


We’re big fans of Adidas’ ‘flag’ stripe design that they’ve used on both French shirts and the Italy home jersey this year, and we were a little let down to see it not used here. That said, the use of green so heavily is a new one on an Italy alternate kit, and while it does look a little bit like they should be selling Heineken in the bowels of the stadium from a distance, it’s nice.


Another nice touch is the little flashes of red here and there. The alternate coloured placket has been ever-present with Adidas designs this year, and the red here really catches the eye, and while we hated the white rear arm stripe/panel on the home shirt, we think the use of red here again really works.

Unlike some pointless alternate shirts (looking at you, Wales and Ireland…) Italy needed to get their alternate shirt right, as they’ll be wearing it in some high-profile games, and thankfully, it’s a really decent looking kit.




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