Can we just shock you? We know you’re expecting us to tear this gaudy, garish shirt several new arseholes but… god we feel so dirty saying this… we actually really like it.

Stop laughing, we do! Yes, there is the thorny issue that it’s lime green but… look – there’s nothing inherently wrong with bright, gaudy colours. Yes they might not be traditional, and they might not be what we’d choose to wear down the pub, but things that might look silly down the King’s Head can look perfectly acceptable in the muscle-bound exaggerated world of the tight modern rugby shirt. Indeed, we actually think it’s a really nice choice, retaining Saints’ penchant for green, while still offering something that contrasts the home shirt, and is a nice change to the black and green drabness of the home shirt.


Getting to the design itself: look, we’ll be honest and say we haven’t got a fucking clue what’s going on with the weird black triangle things on the sides, nor the weird grip-tape pattern on the front. But they don’t ruin the look of the shirt – it’s keeping it to black and green, and it works. What’s more, at last, and by no means least, there’s NO BLOODY WAVE. Yup, after months of us moaning about Burrda’s stupid ‘wave’ motif on the chest, they’ve finally seen sense and got shot of it – and this shirt is the much better for it.


We’re not sure we’d wear it, but we’re not Saints fans, so that’s not really an issue – on the field this will look great, and that’s what really matters.




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