We’re approaching the tail end of our run-down of Top 14 shirts, but there’s still plenty of jerseys to get to grips with, both bad and good, so let’s get on with it.

Racing Metro 92


The Racing jersey is such a classic affair, it’s quite hard to get it wrong really. But it’s still good to know that the likes of Johnny Sexton, Jamie Roberts and Day Lydiate won’t be looking like dickheads when they stroll out for the Paris club. It’s beautiful in its simplicity – the sky blue and white hoops are given plenty of room to breathe, while the badge, sponsor and manufacturer are kept tight in the centre, giving it a rare bit of jersey symmetry. That collar, while not exactly retro, is pretty tasteful too, capping off what has to be one of the jerseys of the season.


Montpellier Hérault


Since forcing their way back into European relevance, Montpellier have showed an affinity for the more, uh… esoteric shirt choice. Grading on that comically skewed curve, we guess you could call this shirt a bit of a win for Montpellier – it’s not immediately horrifying, after all. That said, the light blue ‘waves’ are a bit of a mess – self-conscious modernity rarely works in shirt design, and this thing will look dated before the end of the season.


US Oyonnax

oyonnax home

You wouldn’t believe the hassle we had trying to get an actual pic of the Top 14 new boys’ shirt. That in itself should indicate the level of expectation for Oyonnax in their first season, and they’ll be doing it wearing a shirt from a maker we’ve honestly never heard of, Oztyle, that’s not exactly a design classic. The crazy paving thing down the side panels isn’t great, and we don’t really get what’s going on with the chest stripes either. It’s further uglied up by being positively plastered by sponsors, as frankly, paying Top 14 wages ain’t cheap. We hate to bet against an underdog, but this is one pup that really should be put down…


We’re nearly there! Join us tomorrow for the final part of our round-up, PLUS some wild card shirts thrown in for shits and giggles!

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