We’ve looked the new shirts for six of the the teams in the French Top 14 so far, so we’re very nearly halfway through our round-up. But never fear, there are plenty of eye-catching jerseys left to feast your gaze upon…

Stade Toulousain


The most decorated club in Northern Hemisphere rugby rarely put a foot wrong in the kit design stakes either – even when they try something a bit weird, it still seems to work. This year’s effort is hardly pushing the stylistic boundaries, but just because it’s safe, doesn’t mean it’s not good. The red pinstripes on black is classic and classy, and we wouldn’t bet against it being complimented by some silverware by the end of the year.


Biarritz Olympique


The Basque giants traditional use of the Basque flag has made for some, er,interesting kits over the last few years. So, while it’s not quite as unique-looking as some past efforts, there can be no doubt that this is a rather fetching shirt. We’ve discussed our issues with the Burrda ‘wave’ before, but when the shirt is so clean and minimalist, as this is, it can actually add a bit of interest and dynamism to a design. We like.


FC Grenoble


Grenoble surprised many in their first season back in the Top 14 by not being totally shit, and it must be said, their new shirt surprised us by not being completely terrible either. Indeed, from a purely aesthetic point of view, it’s a rather handsome shirt – there’s nothing wrong with the colour scheme, and we really like the striped cuffs and collar. But… is it just us, or does it just look like a 1970s football kit? Maybe it’s Kappa’s history as a round-ball brand, but there’s something about this that just doesn’t look like a rugby shirt. Hmm.


So that’s it, we’re over half way through our round-up of the Top 14, stick with us, please! Check back later on this week for shirts from Racing Metro, Stade Francais and more!

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